• Sierradial A/S

    Sierradial A/SPremium Touring CUV - SUV

    • Appealing all-season tread design incorporates large independent tread blocks with zig zag sipes that give outstanding all-season traction
    • Center running rib provides directional stability for easy highway driving
    • Two extra wide steel belts support a wide tread area and improve traction and steering stability
    • Two body plies of polyester create a strong and durable sidewall with impressive ride comfort
    • 60, 000 Mile Limted Treadwear Warranty for Metric Products
    • 50,000 Mile Limited Warranty for LT Products
    • Free roadside assistance program available
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  • Sierradial A/S Plus

    Sierradial A/S PlusPremium Touring CUV - SUV

    • Silica-infused tread compound for optimum wear and all-season grip
    • Performance and handling sidewall construction that improves the responsiveness and control that drivers expect from an OE replacement tire
    • 3-D siping improves treadwear, wear balance and enhances the handling performance by stabilizing the tread which leads to les tread-squirm
    • 60, 000 Mile Limted Treadwear Warranty
    • Free roadside assistance program available
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  • Mirada CrossTour SLX

    Mirada CrossTour SLXTouring CUV - SUV

    • Five circumferential grooves to resist hydroplaning
    • Interlocking center ribs for crisp handling and even wear
    • Notched support ribs for exceptional steering response
    • Advanced silica tread for wet traction and long tread wear
    • Optimized tread design with wave-like sections for a quiet ride and impressive traction
    • Free replacement first 50% of treadwear for workmanship and materials
    • Free roadside assistance warranty
    • 70,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty
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  • Sierradial LTR

    Sierradial LTRAll Position SUV

    • Well behaved value oriented tire meeting multiple needs
    • Multiple independent tread blocks with many different biting edges create outstanding traction capabilities
    • High level siping cuts through water, snow and other slick surfaces producing confident handling
    • Two steel belts strengthen the tread for added mileage and long life
    • Two polyester plies give rid comfort and strength
    • 40,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty
    • Free roadside assistance program available
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  • Sierradial AP

    Sierradial APAll Position LT

    • The five-rib modern all-terrain tread design allows for equal performance during on and off road use
    • M & S rated for all-season performance
    • Free roadside assistance program available
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  • Sierradial A/T Plus

    Sierradial A/T PlusMaximum All Terrain SUV - LT

    • Popular and versatile tread design agrees with the road and invites the turf
    • A taller bead assists with controllability
    • A wider profile shape also helps with controllability, along with better balanced wear and traction
    • new silica infused tread compound along with the wider profile shape can improve wet traction and handling, help proved a more balanced longer wearing tire with lower rolling resistance
    • Free roadside assistance program available
    • 50,000 Mile/48 Month Mileage Warranty
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  • Chaparral M/T

    Chaparral M/T Premium Mud Traction

    • Aggressive tread design works well in muddy conditions and offers great traction on wet, hard surfaces
    • Interlocking wedge shaped center region elements provide excellent traction on soft surfaces
    • Staggered Shoulder Blocks For Enhanced Off-Road Grip
    • Strategically placed siping offers effective wet traction on hard surfaces
    • Specialized tread element shape offers more rubber surface areas on the road thus maximizing traction and reducing road noise
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